Confident, Connected & Credentialed


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Drawing from the literature, the presenter will identify key skills new leaders often wish they had, including- confidence and assertiveness- and describe promising practices to develop such skills. The presenter will also provide an in-depth exploration of the phenomenon of the Imposter Syndrome, giving participants strategies to navigate challenges to one’s perceived credibility that may arise in part from ageism. Finally, the presenter will describe credentialing in the fields of psychology and leadership, offering information to help participants discern how to appropriately pursue such credentials and experiences in their chosen career pathways.


Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss common leadership strengths and challenges faced by new leaders.    
  2. Describe two ways to navigate circumstances that challenge your credibility.
  3. Identify what professional experiences and credentials may be necessary in your career.




Lindsey Buckman, PsyD
  • Buckman Psychological Consultants

Continuing Education

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