Concepts in the Treatment of the Chronic Pain Triad: Pain Insomnia and Emotional Distress


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It is not uncommon for a patient to appear at a therapist’s practice and describe experiencing chronic pain together with difficulties sleeping, stress and mood issues. Sufferers often report high levels of continuous pain, daytime sleepiness, difficulties concentrating, negative mood states, feelings of stress and anxiety, difficulties with daily functioning and a general dissatisfaction with their lives. Medications, surgeries, and other treatments have all failed the sufferer of the Chronic Pain Triad. This workshop will introduce clinicians to a basic level of understanding of the theory and concept behind psychological therapy that help address the patient’s pain experience.  Original webcast date: May 19, 2017.

Learning Objective 1
Recognize the basic components of chronic pain versus acute pain and the pain experience.

Learning Objective 2
Recognize the basic components of sleep, insomnia the relationship between sleep and health.

Learning Objective 3
Identify and explain the major theory related to chronic pain, sleep/insomnia and emotional distress.


Robert S. Meyers

Dr. Meyers is a licensed NY psychologist and attorney in multiple private practices, an adjunct associate professor at St. John’s University and a frequent workshop presenter. In addition to his private psychology practice, he is the founder and director of New York Psychological Wellness, PC – specializing in treating the Chronic Pain Triad and an APA accredited CE Provider.  Dr. Meyers has presented symposia and workshops throughout the US and abroad and is a frequent presenter at APA, ABCT, ACA and other conferences. Recent publications: “A Clinician’s Perspective on Treating Patients Suffering from Insomnia and Pain (2015);”  “Voluntary and Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization” (2017, book chapter) and, in process: “Treating the Chronic Pain Triad” (2017, anticipated).

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