Improving the Work-Life Interface Requires a Joint Effort


This course focuses on ways that organizations can improve the work-life interface for employees. It emphasizes the importance of the utilization of a joint effort between employer and employees, recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the issue of work-life balance. Grounded in the latest research and theory, this course offers a comprehensive approach to the issue using a resource allocation framework.

Learning Objective 1
Explain why the work-life interface is an important issue in contemporary organizations.

Learning Objective 2
Describe the role of employees and employers when developing ways to improve the work-life interface.

Learning Objective 3
Identify specific tactics and their role in a comprehensive approach to improving the work-life interface.


Matthew J. Grawitch

Dr. Matt Grawitch is an Associate Professor at Saint Louis University’s School for Professional Studies, where he currently serves as the Interim Dean. He has taught courses in the areas of occupational health, organizational theory, leadership, and psychology, many of them online.

Dr. Grawitch also conducts research in the areas of stress, the work-life interface, and the healthy workplace. He currently serves as the primary research consultant to the American Psychological Association (APA) for its Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program. Dr. Grawitchhas received several awards for research excellence and is dedicated to bridging the gap between scientists and practitioners as it relates to developing, implementing, and evaluating programs related to workplace health and stress.

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