Psychotherapy for Cardiac Patients: Behavioral Cardiology in Practice


This intermediate workshop teaches clinicians how to adapt psychotherapy interventions for cardiac patients. Negative emotions are associated with cardiac morbidity and mortality. Using videotaped segments of patient interviews, the workshop leader will illustrate differences in psychological adjustment issues between major cardiac subgroups, comparing patients diagnosed with aetherosclerotic-based disease, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure and heart transplant. Attendees will participate in breakout sessions to discuss clinical material and a case conceptualization and treatment plan using an example of a distressed cardiac patient.


Learning Objective 1
Recognize the prognostic implications of negative affect for people with heart disease. 


Learning Objective 2
Comprehend results of three clinical trials testing the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, or a patient-preference treatment for patients with acute coronary syndrome. 


Learning Objective 3
Describe the unique presentation of different types of heart disease and the unique psychological challenges of each.

Learning Objective 4
Explain the core elements of an evaluation and treatment plan for a cardiac patient with psychological distress.


Ellen A. Dornelas, PhD

Dr. Dornelas is a licensed clinical health psychologist and author of Psychological Treatment of Patients With Cancer, published by APA books.  She serves as director of the Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute’s Cancer Care Delivery and Disparities Research office and is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.   She is an experienced presenter who enjoys teaching clinicians how to apply the science of psychology to help patients struggling with health problems.  Dr. Dornelas is a speaker who uses humor, warmth and relevant research to convey the essentials of the clinical practice of psycho-oncology.

Continuing Education

4.0 CE
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