Solutions for Female Orgasm Problems: Helping Clients Become Cliterate


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This workshop will overview statistics on the large number of women who have difficulty reaching orgasm with partners, and will outline the cultural and individual reasons for this concern. Accurate information on female sexual anatomy and response will be provided. A detailed treatment program for treating women struggling with difficulty reaching orgasm will be presented. Original webcast date: November 13, 2018

Learning Objective 1
List statistics related to the prevalence of female orgasm problems.

Learning Objective 2
Explain the individual, relational, and cultural causes of female orgasm problem.

Learning Objective 3
Use proven techniques to assist female clients struggling with orgasm problems.


Laurie Mintz, PhD

Dr. Mintz is a Professor at the University of Florida, where she teaches Psychology of Human Sexuality to over 150 undergraduate students a year and supervises Counseling Psychology doctoral students. She is a licensed psychologist and has maintained a private practice for over 25 years. She writes a popular Psychology Today blog, is highly quoted in popular media, and has authored two books: A Tired Woman's Guide to Passionate Sex (2009) & Becoming Cliterate: Why Orgasm Equality Matters--and How to Get It (2017). She has received numerous teaching and professional awards, and is a Fellow of APA.

Continuing Education

3.0 CE
Practice Areas:
Gender and Sexuality
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