Applying Theory and Research on LGBT Positive Psychology to Practice With Diverse Populations


This introductory workshop provides an in-depth exploration of the three-pillar model of positive psychology (character strengths, subjective experiences, positive social institutions) and its application to work with sexual and gender minority clients. The interactive discussion focuses on theory and empirical literature in psychology relevant to the three strengths in LGBT individuals and the role of the strengths in creating resilient clients. The workshop presents real-world illustrations and interactive activities of specific administrative and clinical practices that recognize, build, and celebrate these strengths and create a positive, LGBT-affirming practice.

Learning Objective 1
Correctly identify the most common LGBT signature strengths found in the literature in psychology.

Learning Objective 2
Recognize examples of each of the specific strengths in case examples and/or clips.

Learning Objective 3
Accurately identify the relationship between minority stress, strengths, resilience, and positive psychological outcomes.

Learning Objective 4
Develop a specific plan for one’s practice to become more of a positive social institution for LGBT clients.


Michelle D. Vaughan, PhD

Dr. Vaughan is an Associate Professor of Psychology in the School of Professional Psychology at Wright State University. She specializes in the intersection of LGBTQ+ and positive psychology (LGBTQ+ Strengths), as well as substance use disorders and LGBTQ+ ally development and motivational interviewing.

Continuing Education

4.0 CE
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Price: $100.00

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