Effective Psychological Consultation in the Inpatient Medical Setting


This introductory workshop provides basic skills for consultation with medical (not psychiatric) inpatients. Participants will learn to address referral questions with a comprehensive consultation. Participants will also learn about medical problems that present with psychological symptoms, psychological symptoms that may occur secondary to a medical diagnosis or because of a medical treatment, and how to assess decisional capacity. Etiologies and the presentation of depression and anxiety in the medical setting will be described.


Learning Objective 1

Perform effective consultations with medical inpatients.


Learning Objective 2
Explain potential etiologies of anxiety and depression for medical inpatients.


Learning Objective 3
Assess decisional capacity in the inpatient setting.


Learning Objective 4

Apply established psychological interventions to address distress in the inpatient setting.


Presenter: Susan M. Labott, PhD


Continuing Education

4.0 CE
Practice Areas:
Clinical Psychology
Production Date:


Price: $100.00

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